Dropbox team spaces are the next piece in the puzzle of the perfect cloud setup.

What Are Dropbox Team Spaces, And Why Should You Care?

Dropbox Team Spaces Highlights

Dropbox Team Spaces’ new release is coming enhanced with several intelligent features. It is a new way a company will be organized, creating a workspace that works like a shared drive. Basically, anyone can set up shared folders and Spaces.

In business, however, things become more complicated. It is known that typical information architecture will be based on a folder structure reflecting the company’s department structure such as Accounting, Sales department, Management and so on.

Dropbox Team Spaces is effectively offering shared folders that the teams organized in team folders and user groups can all work with, share, and invite other users to work with.

The idea behind team folders is to create a hub for sharing content, transforming your folders into connected work-spaces. A team folder is a place where the whole team can access and share documents, while the administrator selects how files are shared with team folders.

If the Admin assigns the team folder to a group this action will make it appear in the members’ Dropbox accounts. Sharing is set up with three modes, view-only, view-only via a link, or view-only via invite.

However the files and folders are stored on the cloud but by using a technique called Smart Sync one can access a copy of the files via Explorer in Windows, Finder on the Mac or the desktop app, directly off their computer screen.

The administrator can invite others outside the group to view files and docs, and the Dropbox API offers developers the ability to connect third-party apps to the Dropbox accounts. Ultimately administrators will be able to select if the files are downloadable or if they are accessible online only. Another feature of interest is Selective Sync. It allows deleting files from the user’s computer while still letting them able to see them in Dropbox. Dropbox Spaces are customized via team-wide rules set up by the administrator.

Dropbox Team Spaces Security

The company has greatly enhanced the security features of team spaces on Dropbox after previous issues.
The administrator can set security up like the authentication tool, 2FA, at sign-in and many other features, like unlinking applications or suspending users.
A strong password tool was incorporated to help users setting up strong, safe passwords or using utilities such as 1Password to set up strong passwords in a more conventional way. A feature called SSO, or single sign-on, allows team members to access shared folders with one password.
Administrators can also enable security keys instead of standard six-digit codes as a stronger tool for verification.

Intelligent Features Available With Zero Config

Dropbox Team Space in its Dropbox Business implementation offers the team a workspace that works like a shared drive. Dropbox paper is, according to Dropbox help, an online document workspace

Dropbox has also emphasized incorporating intelligent tools and features that make users think of AI-type research.

For example, Spaces offers what is called Image Search. This is a smart tool that allows looking by content even if the keyword is not in the filename. Another feature called File Previews allows viewing file types like AutoCAD even without the application being installed and allows leaving comments or to share these files from one’s desktop. In a way similar to Windows the Starred Files tool enables the team members to highlight certain files as top priorities to make them pop up by importance.

Other features are in development stages such as the Dropbox Binder or the Search Highlights that Dropbox heralds as coming soon in the next release. Also in development, a feature called Dropbox Transfer will allow to quickly transfer large files regardless of size and confirm delivery and set passwords and expiration dates to secure the transfer.

Dropbox Spaces help prioritize the users’ to-do lists with team highlights in Calendar Integration and Content Suggestion on your desktop. These tools feel the influence of AI-based research and keep being developed. The Overview descriptions and To-Do Lists appear right on the shared folder.

Notifications are sent when updates are made to folders’ overviews description and to do’s lists as well. The users see their life greatly simplified and their workload becomes lighter. They can then prioritize more important tasks as AI is more and more present in the workplace daily routines.

Third Party Connectivity With Dropbox Teams

In a sign of cooperation with products offered by other companies that are widely used Dropbox has introduced a Hello Sign integration tool. Similarly, team members can add Dropbox content to Trello Cards as well.

Dropbox Business is ready for the Enterprise Level

To recapitulate, teams bring all their content: files, cloud docs, Paper docs, weblinks into Dropbox Business turning it into one working place with smart content suggestions that lets one work with its dropbox spaces from the convenience of the team’s desktop.

Teams can organize their workday load with personalized content suggestions as it’s become easy to get to the files you are going to need based on intelligent suggestions coming from your Dropbox activity with Weekly Sync. Later in the day, teams can plan their meetings with intelligent features that help you organize, plan, select files with meeting-related content

One main goal is to spend time on the most important work priorities with intelligent team highlights that show the most relevant activity. This allows prioritizing what should be coming next. Projects can be kept in sync with the rest of the team. To make communication easier, connectivity with Slack and Zoom is incorporated inside Dropbox.

Finally, the team stays up to date on what’s happening with a recent activity view feature. Some people just liked Dropbox for its storage capabilities and they will still be able to use the product, letting them slowly getting ready to try and adopt the new features.

Dropbox’s Rise In The Collaboration Business Market

Dropbox is looking for entering the market of the collaboration business. It is now in direct competition with Microsoft and other key players. That’s why it will be exciting to follow coming developments if the company manages to deliver and possibly go beyond the technologies existing at this point. We will see if the trends turn in favor of Dropbox confirming its strategic positioning in the future.